VELPUR (Religious)

Patron : Sacred Heart
Parish Prist : Rev. Fr. Thomas Enchackal CM

Address : Parish Priest
St. Vincent’s Church
Via Nidamanuru
Kankipadu Mandal, Velpur
Krishna Dt. – 521 104
Telephone No : 0866 – 286 24 98

Institutions :

Assisi Convent (Franciscan Clarist Congregation)
Provincial House: Nirmala Province –FCC
Formation House: Pallotti Vidyanam –SAC (Pallottine Fathers)

Established: (1999)

Catholics : 715
Substations : 02
Chapels : 01

The first faithful of Velpur were baptised on 21 November 1928, by Fr. A. Testa PIME. It’s faith was nurtured in the course of years by zealous PIME missionaries like Frs. Dall’Agonol, Silva, Luigi Misani, Anchise Rasi, a Pezzoli and Rossello. Later many native missionaries have strived for the spritual growth of this community. An old chapel was replaced by a new one by Fr. Jose Palthottam. The presence church was built by Msgr. Jacob on 4 december, 1999 and was entrusted to the pastroal care of the Pallotines with Fr. Alex Crasta SAC as the first priest. After five years under Pallottines; in the year 2004 the parish was entrusted to the pastoral care of Vincentian Fathers for a period of 25 years. Fr. Pottankuzhiyil John CM was appointed as the parish priest on 30th May 2004.

Goodavalli, Nekkalam

Fr.Alex Crasta SAC (Dec 1999 – May 2004)
Fr. John Pottankuzhiyil CM (May 2004

History is updated till 2008.
Statistics as per 2011