Patron : St. Anthony
Parish Priest : Rev.

Address : Parish Priest
St. Anthony’s Church
Thurlapadu, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Krishna Dt. – 521 185

Telephone No :


Catholics : 1540
Catechists : 03
Substations : 05

Thorlapadu village was first baptized by Rev. Fr. Ugoniyo Salvi. After one year another priest, by name Rev. Fr. Giyovanni Piyatti came in help of Fr. Salvi. At first it was the high cast people who received the faith. Being high caste, they began to treat the non Christians as low caste people. Some were afraid that they might lose their caste by baptism. But the missionaries through their Justice Sundays programmes encouraged the newly baptized to strengthen their faith. The result of this programmes, encouraged the missionaries too and thus Fr. Salvi started to evangelize the villages with his simplicity through his sage dress. Though Nandigama was nearby Fr. Salvi preferred to stay in Thorlapadu. At a later period, Frs. Rolla, Caphi and so on came to Thorlapadu.
Though Thorlapadu is prominent in the vicariate for some period it was very difficult for the missionaries to put up the Church and the presbytery. After very tough work over the resident caste people, Fr. Salvi could acquire a small piece of land but due to the opposition of the village elders and Thasildhars, no workers turned up to work in building the Church . At this critical situation Fr. Paity came in rescue of Fr. Salvi and both of them had put up the Church building, the presbytery and the school for poor children. They also distributed medicine for the poor people. Missionaries through their medical, educational and prophetic work could achieve in building up their faith in the people, though the caste domination prevailed in the Church of Thorlapadu.
Thorlapadu was bifurcated from Nandigama Parish and was made as Parish on 23rd May 2009. Fr.Kakimanu Arogya Raju was appointed as its first parish priest and he built the new parish church and was blessed by His Lordship Mallavarapu Prakash on 6-4-2011. Fr. Suresh Bunga played a crucial role in building the faith of the community here in the parish as a second parish priest.

Substations: 05
Thotaravullapadu, , Chintalapadu, Eturu, Viparinthalapadu and kanchala.
Former Parish Priests:
Fr. Kakimanu Arogya Raju (May 2009 – May 2011)
Fr. Suresh Bunga (May 2011 – Aprial 2013)
Fr.Bathula Joji Sudhakar (May 2013 –