Polish PM’s son ordained as priest

Warsow: Tymoteusz Szydło, 25, son of Poland’s Prime Minister was ordained on Saturday May 27 in a ceremony attended by the Polish head of government and her family in the southern city of Bielsko-Biała.

After the ceremony, the Polish prime minister said she was proud of her son, who had studied for six years at a seminary in Kraków.

In May last year, Tymoteusz Szydło was ordained a deacon, a step toward becoming a full-fledged priest. Earlier still, he made a promise of celibacy and obedience.

“This is not an easy road,” Szydło told reporters after Saturday’s ceremony.

“Especially these days I think young people like them have an extremely important mission to fulfil. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for … all of my son’s fellow seminarians and for my son. I hope they will persevere and do a lot of good for everyone, for all of us. They are wonderful young people.”

On Sunday, newly ordained Father Tymoteusz officiated his first Mass in Prime Minister Szydło’s home parish of Przecieszyn in Poland’s south.

Prime Minister Szydło’s other son, 23-year-old Błażej, is a medical student.


(source: Polsat News)