Patron : Mary Matha
Parish Priest : Rev. Fr. Peram Devadath

Asst. Parish Priest: Fr. Gaddala Abraham Sudhakar

Address : Parish Priest
Catholic Church
Rajiv Circle, NUZVID
Krishna Dt. – 521 201

Telephone No : 08656- 23 06 01

Catholics : 1119
Chapels : 09
Catechists : 08
Substations : 08
Parish Schools : 01
Teachers : 02

Institutions :
➢ St. Ambrose Minor Seminary
➢ Angel Orphanage
➢ St. Paul’s Regional Seminary
➢ Montfort Brother’s Home
➢ St. Thomas High School (Telugu & English Media)
➢ St. Thomas Boarding Home for Boys
➢ St. Ann’s Convent
➢ St. Ann’s Elementary & High School (Telugu & English Media)
➢ RCM Elemetary School & High School (Telugu Medium)
➢ St. Ann’s Boarding Home for girls

Fr.J.Calderaro, PIME, was the pioneer missionary of this area. Nuzvid was an out-station of Avutapalli parish. It was erected into a parish in April, 1953 and Fr.Ennio Premolil PIME, built the first presbytery and the first Parish Church. In course of time, due to various administrative and pastoral reasons the parish was divided into two parishes and again merged into one. However since May 1978 the parish of Nuzvid had taken a clear identity and Fr.P.K.Joseph appointed as the parish priest with his residence in then St. Paul’s Regional Catechetical Training Centre(the present building of St. Paul’s Seminary).
The present presbytery and the Parish Church were built by Fr.John Leoncini, PIME, in 1987 and 1992 respectively. The Church was blessed by Bishop Thumma Joseph and dedicated to Mary, Queen of Apostles on 07.12.1993. Fr.Mesapam Gabriel added two more grottos to the Church and they were blessed by Bishop Marampudi Joji on 08.09.1997. Fr. Sebastian Kottor got back 12 cents of first parish center land at Bapunagar and built compound wall and a catechist house there. He remodeled Parish Church starting from Sacristy, Altar, doors and windows, added vesting room, confessional room, portico, front elevation tower, gate, stage etc. Renewed Parish Church was blessed by Bishop Prakash on 30th July 2006. He has constructed 14 Stations of the Cross around the Parish Church and the stations of Resurrection of Our Lord and of Assumption of Our Lady in the year 2007-2008. It was blessed and opened by Bishop Mathew Cherian Kunnel on 09th March 2008. On 21st May 2006 Thukuluru was bifurcated and erected as new parish by Most Rev. Prakash Mallavarapu.

Substations: 08
Amruthanagar (1992), Borawancha (1952), Jangamgudem –Mla (1969), Jangamgudem –Md (1980), Korlakunta (1997), Marrikunta (1954), Metlameeda (1954), Ravicharla (1973).

Former Parish Priests:
Fr. Ennio Premoli PIME
Fr. Mario Arosio PIME
Fr. Egidio Chinellato PIME
Fr. Mannala Zacharias
Fr. Chathamparambil Thomas
Fr. Bernard Harper
Fr. Kotoor Job
Fr. John Simonella PIME
Fr. Thottakara Chacko
Fr. Marampudi Joji
Fr. Puthukulangara Joseph (Mar 1978 – Jan 1985)
Fr. Puthumayil Chacko (Jan 1985 – Jul 1985)
Fr. Salika Thomas (Jul 1985 – Dec 1986)
Fr. Joseph thangaraj (Dec 1986 – Jun 1991)
Fr. Kondru Simharayalu (Jun 1991 – Apr 1994)
Fr. Mesapam Gabriel (Apr 1994 – June 2003)
Fr. Inti Anthony (June 2003 – May 2005)
Fr. Sebastian Kottoor (May 2005 – May 2012)
Fr. Peyyala Mariadas (May 2012 – Oct 2016)

Fr. Peram Devadath ( Nov 2016 –