Patron : Our Lady of Lourdes

Parish Priest : Rev. Fr. Mende Francis

Address : Parish Priest
Catholic Church
Muchintala, Penuganchiprolu
Via Penuganchiprolu
Krishna Dt. – 521 190

Telephone No : 08678- 25 24 70

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Mucchintala, formerly known as Bodapadu, in Krishna district is one of the oldest catholic villages in the diocese of Vijayawada. The Gospel message was preached in this area around 1890 by PIME Missionaries residing at Thurlapadu. During their visits to Bayyaram (near Madhira in Khammam diocese) and its surrounding places, it is probable that the missionaries made visits to this less prominent and interior village situated 8 Kms away south-west to Bayyaram. In the beginning of 1900 Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Rolla PIME baptized few people at Bodapadu. Unfortunately the first baptism registers containing the names of the baptized were lost during the transfer of the residence of the missionaries from Thurlapadu to Bayyaram. The earliest baptism register available for us to prove the presence of Catholics at Bodapadu village is from 1909 kept at Bayyaram.

The change of residence of the missionaries from Thurlapadu to Bayyaram in 1909 gave a new vigour to the newly baptized Catholics living in the surrounding villages of Bayyaram. Bodapadu (later on changed into Mucchintala) village which had a smaller number of Catholics experienced an increased in its numbers. Until the year 1933 the village of Bodapadu (Mucchintala) was one of the 65 sub – stations of Bayyaram parish. In 1933 the Hyderabad diocese was divided and Krishna or Bezwada mission was established. As Bodapadu (Mucchintala) belonged to Krishna district it became a sub- station of Nandigama parish till 1941. From 1941 to 1952 Bodapadu was a sub-station of Nawabupeta parish; from 1952to 1972 Mucchintala (Bodapadu) was a sub-station of Jaggayyapeta parish and from 1972 until May 2009 it was a sub-station of Vatsavai parish. On 23rd May 2009 Mucchintala was bifurcated from Vatsavai parish and was made as new Parish.
In the beginning the missionaries used to celebrate the Mass and Sacrament in a Tent which they carried along with them. First a small prayer hut was put up but after few years it was carried away by a cyclone. Around 1938 a small chapel was built by Fr. Charles Merlo when Mucchintala (Bodapadu) became a sub- station of Nandigama parish. This small chapel was replaced with a bigger and stronger chapel in 1954 by Fr. Paolo Balrassina PIME. In the same year bishop Ambrose De Battista made pastoral visits to Mucchintala (Bodapadu), blessed the newly built chapel and administered the Sacrament of confirmation. In 1977 Rev. Fr. Anthony Palakal renovated and expanded the chapel with two wings, giving the chapel a cross to shape. In 1978 this newly expanded chapel was rededicated by bishop Joseph Thumma who also administered the Sacrament of confirmation in that occasion. The present parish church, dedicated to our lady of Lourdes, is built in 2008 with the donation given by Rev. Fr. Dr. Marianna Kolakani DCL in remembrance of his Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee. On 15th December, 2008 Bishop Prakash Mallavarapu blessed and inaugurated the church for the public worship.

Substations: 06
Sivapuram (1966), Anigalapadu (1957), Kambhampadu (1968), Regulagadda – Kotha (1968), Regulagadda – Patha (1970), Kakaravi.

Former Parish Priests:

Fr. Jacob Prasad (   – Oct 2016)

Fr. Mende Francis ( Nov 2016 –