Men congregations


The Sylvestrine Congregation of the Order of St. Benedict is a monastic Congregation founded by
St. Sylvester Guzzolini, Abbot (1177-1267), under the Rule of St. Benedict; and it is a member of the
International Benedictine Confederation. In keeping with the motto “Ora et Labora” the life of the
monastery is centered on liturgical prayer. The monks engage in pastoral and missionary apostolate
compatible with monastic living. They came to Vijayawada in 1983 and after working for some years
at Manginapudi near Machilipatnam, finally established their monastery at Jakkampudi in 1987. On
21st March, 2002 this monastery was raised to the status of the Conventual Priory. From 11th July,
1994, the monastery was entrusted with Jeevan Nagar Parish. They run also an English Medium
High School at Kothuru-Thadepalli.

No. of Provinces in India : 02
No. of Members in the Diocese : 09
No. of Houses in the Diocese : 02

Abbot General : Rev. Abbot Michael Kelly osb
Monastero S.Stefano Protomartire
Via S. Stefano del Cacco, 26
00186 ROMA – Italy
Tel: (0039) 06-6793860
Fax: (0039) 06-6786761

Conventual Prior : Rev. Fr. James Mylackal osb
Benedict Ashram
Behind St. Benedict’s E.M. School
Kothuru-Thadepalli Po
Vijayawada – 520 012
Ph: 0866 – 2812998; 2812236
Fax: 0866 – 2812929


1. Benedict Ashram, Kothuru-Thadepalli
Members in the House : 07
Conventual Prior : Fr. James Mylackal osb
Address : Behind St. Benedict’s E.M. School
Kothuru-Thadepalli Po
Vijayawada – 520 012
Ph: (0866) 281 29 98, 281 22 36
Fax:(0866) 281 29 29

2. Navajeevan Benedict Monastery, Jakkampudi
Member in the House : 02
Superior : Fr. Mathew Molath osb,
Address : Navajeevan Benedict Monastery
Jakkampudi P. O
Vijayawada Rural – 520 012
Ph : (0866) 281 21 19, 281 29 97



The Congregation of the Missions (Vincentians) was founded in Paris by St. Vincent De Paul in 1625 for missionary work among the poor and destitute. The object of the congregation determines that each member besides devoting himself to his own perfection shall be employed in preaching the Gospel to the poor especially to the country people.

They came to India in 1922. In the diocese they began their work at Kanchikacherla in June, 1997. In 1999, they have started a Formation House in Enikepadu which was later on shifted to Mysore. At present, the house at Enikepadu serves as the Social Service Centre of the Province. The name of the Society is OASIS – Organization for Action, Social Integration and Service. Under the guidance and supervision of Fr. Sebastian Anthikad, the society caters to the health needs of poor people, especially AIDS patients in 8 villages in the vicinity of Enikepadu. They also run a Mobile Clinic in collaboration with Adoration Sisters (SABS) in these villages. In the year 2004 they have given up Kanchikacherla parish and took over Velpur parish from 25 years, which was then under Pallottines.

No. of Provinces in India : 02
No. of Members in the Diocese : 03
No. of Houses in the Diocese : 02

Superior General : Rev. Fr. Gregory Gay CM
General Curia, Via dei Capasso 30
00164 Roma
Tel: 0039 – 6 – 66 37 32
Fax: 0039 – 6 – 66 38 31

Provincial : Rev. Fr. Varghese Thottamkara CM
Vincentian Provincialate
No. 419, 2nd Cross
Bannimantap “C” Layout
MYSORE – 570 015
Tel: (0821) 249 43 25, 249 08 09
Fax: (0821) 249 43 64

1. Vincentian Nilayam, Enikepadu
It was first started in the year 1999 as the Provincialate and blessed by Most Rev. Marampudi Joji, due to in convince it was shifted to Mysore. Now it was the social service centre of the southern India Province.

Members in the House : 02
Superior : Fr. Sebastian Anthikad CM,
Address : Vincentian Nilayam, H. No. 11-34
K.V.R. Colony
ENIKEPADU – 521 108
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (0866) 284 23 20

2. Velpuru Parish House


The Religious Congregation for Priests and brothers was found by the Servant of God Luigi Maria Mont at Rome on September 7, 1857. The members of the congregation dedicate themselves to the charism of the founder to the care of the sick and to the service of the needy, abandoned people. The members of this congregation are engaged in various apostolates in countries like Argentina, Canada, Cameroun, Equitorial Guinea, India and Philippines. The foundation of CFIC in India was on September 13, 1973. At present the congregation has houses in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. They began their services in Kuchipudi parish on September 20, 1997. The parish of Lourdunagar and the Divine Providence Home were entrusted to them in 1998.

Houses in the diocese : 02
Members in the diocese : 03

Superiror General : Rev. Fr. Aurelio Mozetta
Via della Luce – 46
Roma, Italy
Tel : (0039) (06) 581 23 31
Fax : (0039) (06) 585 28 97
Superior Delegate : Rev. Fr. Mathew Kalliyadiyil cfic
Orest Vidyaniktan
Muttambalam P.O.
Kottayam, Kerala – 686 004
Tel & Fax : (0481) 57 87 47

1. Divine Providence Home, Lourdunagar

Members in the House : 02
Director & Superior : Fr. Joseph Francis Kuttiah
Address : Divine Providence Home
Catholic Church, Lourdunagar,
Putrela Road,
Krishna Dt. – 521 215
Tel : (08673) 27 29 04

1. Parish Priest, Cathloic Chuch, Lourdunagar, Putrela Road, Vissannapeta
Krishna Dt. – 521 215


St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori founded the Redemptorist Congregation in 1732 at Naples in Italy. This congregation was started especially to preach the Good News to the poor and the economically down trodden. The Redemptorist Congregation has spread to all the five continents of the world. There are more than 6000 Redemptorist priests and brothers working in more than 120 countries. The Redemptorists came to India in 1952. Now there are nearly 200 of them working in different parts of India. There are two Provinces: Bangalore and Kerala and a Region of Mumbai, Goa and Mangalore.

In Andhra Pradesh they are working in Tenali from 1964 and in Visakapatnam from 1991. The Redemptorists have taken up a small parish in Munagalapalli in our diocese this year.

No. of Provinces in India : 03
No. of Members in the Diocese: 02
No. of Houses in the Diocese : 01

Superior General : Fr. Michel Bhel CSsR
Redemptorist Community
Sant Alphonso,Via Merulana 31
C.P. 2458, 1-00185
Tel: (39) 06494901

Provincial : Fr. Paul Pazhanghatte CSsR
Redemptorist Provincialate
Linguori Bhavan
P.O. Box 8438
8. John Armstrong Road
Bangalore – 560 084
Tel: (080) 25 80 27 37, 25 80 27 38
Fax: (080) 25 80 27 39
Mobile : 94481 45070

1. Fr. David Raju, Parish Priest
Catholic Church
C/O Konakamchi Narasimha Rao
Muppalla P.O
Chandarlapdu Mdl.
Krishna Dt.


The Society of Jesus was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola on August 15, 1534 at Montemartre, for the defense and propagation of the Faith, and was confirmed by the Holy See on September 27, 1540. Besides educational work in seminaries, universities, colleges and schools, the Society is also engaged in giving retreats and doing mission work. The Society came to the diocese in 1954 and established the Andhra Loyola College. In 1978 they took charge of the parish of Nagayalanka and the diviseema Social Service Society (DSSS). As the DSSS completed cyclone relief work, it was wound up in 1985 and the parish was taken up by the diocese. The Society opened a scholasticate attached to the Loyola College in 1983.

Members in the diocese : 19
Priests : 16
Brothers : 03

Superior General : Rev. Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ
Borgo S. Spirito-5, C.P. 6139
00195 Rome, Italy.
Tel. (0039) (6) 687711
Fax. (0039) (6) 686-8214

Provincial : Rev. Fr. P. S. Amalraj SJ
12-5-33, Lalazar, Tarnaka
Secunderabad – 500 017
Tel : (040) 82 14 65, 83 25 01
Fax. (040) 82 14 65
1. Jesuits Nilayam, Vijayawada

Members in the House : 17
Superior : Fr. Stanley Sj
Address : Jesuits Residence
Andhra Loyola College
Vijayawada – 520 008
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (0866) 247 63 29
2. Sanjeevan Hostel, Vijayawada
No. of Fathers : 02
Scholastics : 26
Superior : Fr. Raju Soosaimanikam Sj
Address : Sanjeevan Hostel
Andhra Loyola College
Vijayawada – 520 008
Tel : (0866) 254 03 34
E-Mail :
Cell : 944001 6800


The congregation of Missionaries of Compassion is a clerical missionary society of apostolic life.

No. of Members in the Diocese: 03
No. of Houses in the Diocese : 01

Founder : Rev. Fr. Jose Kaimlett, MC
Missionaries of Compassion
Vangayagudem P.O
Eluru – 534 001
West Godavari Dt.
Tel: (08812) 2 24 35, 22 24 36

Superior General : Rev. Fr. Raju M. Panackal
Missionaries of Compassion Generalate
St. Joseph School-Campus
Ave Maria Nagar, Aliabad P.O
Via – Nisa,
R.R Dt. – 500 078
Tel: (08418) 26 15 62
Fax; (08416) 24 41 01


The congregation of Missionaries of Faith was founded and canonically erected in 1982 by Miss Anna Maria Andreani and Fr. Luizgi Graziothi with its Generalate in Italy. In 1988, this generalate was shifted to Rome and was made an international congregation having its missions in the four continents of the world. The congregation started its mission in India in October, 1982, in the diocese of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. The first house of Missionaries of faith outside Italy was opened on 12th December 1992 at Nadipalli in the diocese of Eluru; the house served as the Regional House of the Missionaries of Faith in India. Later it was changed as a formation house. At present the Missionaries of faith has its own Provincialate house at N.T.R Colony in Eluru. In 2000, Azzampudi was bifurcated from the parish of Kesarapalli and entrusted to the Missionaries of Faith as a mission parish.
The main charism of the congregation is to undertake a kind of apostolate for the benefit of the priests for leading them to holiness of the proper vocation and to be of support and fraternal help to them. The other charisms are apostolate towards the separated brethren for bringing them to the catholic faith and apostolate to the youth etc. the motto of the congregation is: “Gratia et Gaudium in Fide”, (Grand and joy in Faith) in a nut shell it is said to be: Faith and Mission. The congregation was registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, on the 21st June 1990 with the name “Social ‘community of Faith”. It got the approval of the Home ministry of India on 22nd December, 1994.

No. of Members in the Diocese: 02
No. of Houses in the Diocese : 01

Superior General : Rev. Fr. Sperolin
Missionari Della Fede
Via DElle Testuggini, 21
00413 Rome, Italy
Tel: 0039 – 06 – 501 34 15
Fax: 0039 – 06 – 501 34 15

Provincial : Rev. Fr. Chako Muthoottil (M.F)
Provincial House, N.T.R Colony, west lock
Eluru – 534 001
West Godavari Dt. A.P
Tel: (08812) 24 81 65, 24 98 55
E-mail: m.f India province @

1. Mission, Azzampudi

Members in the House : 02
Superior : Fr. Raju MF
Address : Azzampudi Mission
Catholic Church
Kesarapalli – 521 102
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (08676) 25 44 82, 25 44 82


The Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales was founded by Fr. Peter Mermier at Annecy, France. It was canonically instituted in 1836 and its Constitutions were approved in 1843. The original purpose of the Congregation was to preach parish missions, to promote the education of youth and to evangelize non-Christians. The first group of MSFS landed on the East Coast of India in 1845 and a vast area of Eastern and Central India was entrusted to their care. At Present the MSFS, also known as Fransalians, are in charge of parishes, schools and mission centers, and they preach retreats. In our diocese they are entrusted with the parishes of Nunna in 1979 and Ajithsingnagar in 1983, Agiripally mission in 1992 and Sahayanagar (Ibrahimpatnam) 1993. They have started an English Medium School at Agiripally.

No. of Provinces in India : 05
No. of Members in the Diocese: 08
No. of Houses in the Diocese : 04

Superior General : Rev. Fr. Angelo Fernandes, MSFS
Curia Generale dei MSFS
Via del Mascherino 46/2,
00193 Roma
Tel: 0039 – 6 – 68 19 96 27
Fax: 0039 – 6 – 68 19 96 26

Provincial : Fr. Thomas Perumalil MSFS
Stella Maris
Chinna Waltair, P.B. 2300
Visakhapatnam – 530 023
Andhra Pradesh, S. India
Tel: 0091 – 891 – 275 59 33, 271 02 59
Fax: 0091 – 891 – 270 25 89

1. Fr. Thomas Vazhayil MSFS, Parish Priest, Catholic Church,
Ajithsingh Nagar, Vijayawada – 520 015 Tel: (0866) 240 06 22

2. Fr. Abraham Vettukattil, MSFS, PP & Correspondent, SFS School,
Nuzvid Road, Agiripalli – 521 211, Krishna Dt. Tel: (08656) 22 46 12, 22 46 11

3. Fr. M. Sebastian Reddy MSFS, Parish Priest, Catholic Church,
Sahaya Nagar, Ibrahimpatnam – 521 226, Krishna Dt. Tel: (0866) 288 25 46

4. Fr. Joseph Karachira MSFS, Parish Priest, Catholic Church
Nunna – 521 212, Krishna Dt. Tel: (0866) 285 26 18


This Congregation of religious priests and brothers was founded by St. Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod at Aixen – Provence, France on January 25, 1816. The principal aim, as the Founder himself had outlined, is “preaching of Missions” for re-Christianization. Today the Congregation has, in nearly 73 countries of the five continents, an approximate number of 6000 members, wedded to the ideal “He sent me to preach the Good News to the poor”. The Oblates cam to India in June 1968 and established their principal Mission Centre at Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu. They came to Vijayawada in 1983 and started their Mission Centre at Musunuru. In 1993 the parish of Ramanakkapeta was also entrusted to them.

No. of Members in the diocese : 08
No. of Houses in the Diocese : 04
Superior General : Rev. Fr.
Oblati di Maria Immacolata
Casa Generalizia, C.P. 9061
00100 ROMA-Aurelio, ITALIA.

Provincial : Rev. Fr. Bernard Quintus
De Mazenod House
40 Farm Road, Mattakkuilya
Colombo 15, SRILANKA.

Delegation Superior : Rev. Fr. A.E. Jeeva Ratnam
St/ Paul’s Institute
CHENNAI – 600 056, T.N.
Phone : (044) 627 22 47
1. Arpanalayam, Musunuru

Members in the House : 02
Superior : Fr. Kalloor Tomy Thomas
Address : Arpanalayam,
Musunuru – 521 207
Krishna Dt.
Telephone : (08656) 22 72 10
2. O.M.I Nilayam, Rayanapadu

Members in the House : 02
Superior : Fr. Thambi
Address : O.M.I. Nilayam
Guntupally- 521 241
Krishna Dt. AP
Mobile : 94917 51694

1. Catholic Church, Ramanakkapeta – 521 213, Krishna Dt. Tel : (08656) 225 247
2. Catholic Church, Pydurupadu, Guntupally – 521 241, Krishna Dt. Tel : 94917 51694
3. Catholic Church, Musunuru – 521 207, Krishna Dt. Tel: (08656) 227 210


The history of the Carmelites begins with monks, who were living on Mount Carmel a life of prayer and contemplation inspired by the life and spirit of the prophet Elias and his followers. St. Berthold assembled the monks who were living scattered and formed into a community. The monks were given a norm of life by St. Albert, the Latin Patriarch and Papal delegate of the Holy Land, in the year 1209. This rule was confirmed by Pope Honorius III in 1226, and was later approved by Pope Innocent IV in 1247. It has spread in the Europe and it was renewed by St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross in 1564. Life of prayer and apostolic activity are the essentials of their charism. They engage in preaching the Word of God with special emphasis of prayer life and spirituality. They are also involved in different mission works of the Church. Now the Order has 39 provinces all over the world. Majummel province has started the mission in Andhra Pradesh in 1972. The Province had taken two mission stations Tiruvuru and Gampalagudem in the diocese of Vijayawada in 1978. Later Tiruvuru parish was given back to the Diocese. Carmel Vidya Bhavan, Kanuru, a house for the formation of the seminarians was blessed in 1983. Kanuru was erected into a parish and entrusted to them in 1994. The presence of the Discalced Carmelites in the Diocese is at Kanuru, with parish and a formation house and at Gampalagudem with a parish.

No. of Provinces in India : 05
No. of Members in the Diocese : 04
No. of Houses in the Diocese : 01
Superior General : Rev. Fr. P. Luis Arostegui Gamboa OCD
Casa Generalizia Dei Carmelitani Scalzi
Corso d’Italia, 38
00198 Rome
Tel: 0039 – 6 – 854431
Fax: 0039 – 6 – 85350206
Email: ocdgen @
Commissary General : Rev. Fr. Gorantla Johannes OCD
St. Francis Xavier Monastery
Kothagudem – 507 101
Khammam Dist.
Andhra Pradesh, India
Tel: 0091 – 8744 – 243 149
Fax: 0091 – 8744 – 245 467
1. Carmel Vidya Bhavan, Kanuru
Members in the House : 02
Address : Fr. Nelson Kottiath, OCD,
Catholic Church,
Carmel Vidya Bhavan,
VIJAYAWADA – 520 007,
Krishna Dist.
Tel : 0866 – 2582322
2. Gampalagudem Parish House


The Order of Friars Minor Capuchins is one of the three branches of the Franciscan First Order, founded by St. Francis of Assisi (1182 – 1226). They aim to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis, living a life of brotherhood in close imitation of Gospel counsels of simplicity and poverty. The Order came to the diocese in 1969 and took up the parish of Avutapalli. For some years the parish of Telaprolu was also under their care. In 1981 the Assisi Ashram, a pre-novitiate Formation House and Regional House for the Andhra Mission Region, was established at Enikepadu, and Enikepadu was erected into a Quasi-Parish and entrusted to the Order.

No. of Provinces in India : 06
No. of Members in the Diocese : 08
No. of Houses in the Diocese : 03

Superior General : Fr. Mauro Johri OFM Cap
General Minister
Curia Generalis OFM Cap
Via Piemonte 70
00187 Roma
Tel: 0039 – 6 – 462 01 21
Fax: 0039 – 6 – 482 82 67

Vice – Provincial : Fr. Thomas Sebastian Panachickavayalil OFM Cap
Vice – Provincial Minister
Mary Matha Capuchin Provincialate
Enikepadu (P.O)
VIJAYAWADA – 521 108
Andhra Pradesh, S. India
Tel: (0866) 284 22 40, 284 22 16
Fax: (0866) 284 27 80

1. Mary Matha Capuchin Provincialate, Enikepadu (1994)
The headquarters of the Andhra Capuchin Mission was at first established in 1974 at Kovvur. It was only in 1983, the office of the Superior Regular was shifted to Enikepadu, Vijayawada. As the need accrued for separate Regional House in 1990, the then Superior Regular Br. Adolph Kannadipara started constructing the Regional House at Enikepadu, Vijayawada. It was blessed by Bishop Joseph Thumma in the presence of Br. Andrew Anil Sequeira, the General Definitor for Asia-Oceana and all the Major Superiors of the Indian Capuchin Jurisdictions on 10 November 1994. There was an extension of the Vice Provincialate under the guidance of Br. Thomas Sebastian Panachickavayalil, Vice Provincial Minister. The construction of the community room and the new office of the Vice Provincial were completed in 2004. The second floor including the new chapel was completed by the end of March 2006.

Members in the House: 07
Provincial : Fr. Thomas Sebastian OFM cap
Address : Capuchin Provincialate
Enikepadu P.O.
Vijayawada – 521 108
A.P., India
Tel : (0866) 284 22 40, 284 22 16
Fax : (0866) 284 27 80
Provincial 98495 68202, 94409 46344
Economer: 94403 56391
Secretary: 92474 13367
Email: (Province) (Provincial) (Secretary)

2. Bro. Joseph Thamby Capuchin Ashram, Peda Avutapally (1967)
This is the second foundation of the Andhra Pradesh Mission. It is situated at Pedavutapally, Vijayawada. In 1967, when Fr. Cuthbert Kaliyanil came to Andhra Loyola College to attend a convention, ‘All India Catholic Hospital Association’, Balaswamy a devotee of Br. Thamby from Allapuram introduced him to Fr. John Calderaro, the parish priest. Since Pedavutapally had a Franciscan tradition, the Bishop desired to have the Capuchins there and it was intimated Br. Berchmans, the provincial.On the repeated invitation from Rt. Rev. Dr. Ambrose De Battista Br. Avito Pottukulam was sent to Pedavutapally and given charge as the parish priest on 05-09-1969. Pedavutapally has made tremendous progress under the able administration of many friars. Today, we have a home for the aged besides the parish and Br. Joseph Thamby shrine. There are also three convents rendering help in the parish. Thamby Velugu, a bi-monthly family magazine in Telugu is also being published from here.

Members in the House: 04
Provincial : Fr. Mathew Panthapally OFM cap
Address : Pedavutapally P.O.
Krishna Dist. – 521 286
Andhra Pradesh
Tel : (08676) 25 92 48, 25 94 22
(08676) 25 90 96 (Information Centre)
(08676) 25 94 01 (Shanthi Bhavan)

3. Assisi Ashram, Enikepadu (1980)

In 1980, a plot of 4 acres of land was purchased in Enikepadu, 12 kms. away from Vijayawada. In the year 1983, the Minor Seminary was begun here. Assisi Ashram at Enikepadu had two sections: Assisi boy’s hostel as seminary and Assisi Ashram as Regional House. Assisi Ashram was blessed in 1984 and the chapel was blessed in August 1985. As the number of students increased, it became necessary to build a separate Regional House. It was built and blessed on 10 November 1994 by Bishop Joseph Thumma. The seminary too was extended by constructing a second floor. Assisi Ashram was erected as a quasi-parish in 1984 with Nidamanuru as a sub-station. The main work of Assisi Ashram is formation. The adoration sisters of Tellicherry Province and the sisters of St. Joseph of St. Mark have their houses adjacent to our Ashram. They help us in our pastoral works.

No. of Members in the House : 04
Rector : Fr. Lourdu Showry
Address : Assisi Ashram
Enikepadu P.O.
Vijayawada – 521 108
Krishna Dist., Andhra Pradesh
Tel : (0866) 284 23 03
(0866) 284 21 70

4. Shanti Bhavan, Peda Avutapally

Beneficiaries : 28
Incharge : Parish Priest
Address : The Director
Shanti Bhavan
Home for the Aged
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (08676) 25 94 01

This Society of the Cathollic Apostolate (SAC) was founded by St. Vincent Pallotti (hence Pallotines) in 1835 for the purpose of universal apostolate among Catholics and propagation of Faith among non-Catholics. They engage in all forms of apostolate according to the needs of times and places, but specialize in the formation of laity in the Church. They opened their first house in the diocese, “Pallotti Vidyanam”, formation house for their students from Andhra region, on February 17, 1990, at Nidamanuru to serve as a Formation House for their students from Andhra region. They were offered a parish at Konkepudi (Pedana) in 1996. Velpuru was erected a quasi-parish and entrusted to them in 1999.

Members in the diocese : 03
Houses in the diocese : 02

Rector General : Rev. Fr. Seamus Freeman SAC
Generalato dei Pallottini
Piazza S. Vincenzo Pallotti, 204
00186 Rome, ITALY
Tel : (0039) (6) 6876213
Fax : (0039) (6) 6876827

Provincial : Rev. Fr. Mathew Panakal
Pallotti Bhavan,
Seminary Hills
NAGPUR – 440 006
Tel.fax : (0712) 51 00 80

1. Pallotine Vidyanam, Nidamanuru

Members in the House : 02
Superior : Fr. Alex Crasta
Address : Pallotti Vidyanam
Vijayawada – 521 104
Krishna Dt.
Telephone : (08676) 284 24 01

1. Parish Priest, Catholic Church, Assisi Nagar, Konkepudi, Pedana – 521366, Krishna Dt. Telephone : (08672) 248 554

2. Parish Priest, Catholic Church, Pedamustabad, Krishna Dt.
Mobile : 94402 22857


The Pontifical Institute for the Foreign Misions, founded by Msgr. Angelo Ramazzotti as the Seminary for the Foreign Missions in 1850 in Milan became their present PIME in 1926 at its adjoining with a similar Papal Institute. It is a Society of secular priests who take an oath to their Superior General to serve the Missions for lie whereer they are sent. Its aim is pioneering missionary work. Chandragudem, as station Mylavaram parish was the starting point of PIME missionary waorkin Krishna Dt. It was there that the first PIME Missionary Fr. D. Barbero, later the Bishop of Hyderabad arrived in January 1856, after a period of language apprenticeship with an Irish Father a Machilipatnam and a short practical experience in some old Guntur Christianities. With the nomination of Fr. D. Barbero as Vicar Apostolic of Hyderabad in 1870, (Bishop from 1866) the old Vicariate Apostolic of Hyderabad, inclusive of Krishna Dt. Was practically entrusted to PIME. In later years this mission has been bifurcated into the dioceses of Hyderabad (Vicariate 1851), Vijayawada (1937), Warangal (1952), Eluru (1977), Nalgonda (1977) and Khammam (1988). Over the years, the PIME Society has given to the Vijayawada Mission many of zealous Missonaries and two Bishops, Mgr. D. Grassi (1937-1951) and Mgr. Ambrose De Battista (1951-1971), who laboured untiringly to build up the local church. They handed over the diocese to the local clergy in 1971, but continue to work side by side with them in the Mission.

Priests : 01

Superior General : Rev. Fr. Franco Cagnasso PIME
Pontificio Instituto Missioni Estere
Via F.D. Guerrazzi, 11
00152 Rome, ITALY.
Tel : (0039) (6) 589 79 41
Fax : (0039) (6) 589 42 28

Regional Superior : Rev. Fr. Augustine Palett PIME
PIME Regional House
Xavier Nagar, ELURU – 534 006
Tel : (08812) 23 02 30
Fax : (08812) 22 57 41

2. Fr. George Puthenpura PIME, Parish Priest, Catholic Church,
Vissannapeta – 521 215, Krishna Dt. Tel : (08673) 27 28 34


“The Society of St. Francis de Sales”, commonly known as “The Salesian Congregation” of “The Salesians of Don Bosco” was founded in Turin, Italy, by St. John Bosco on January 18, 1859. The Constitutions received papal approbation on April 4, 1874. The principal apostolate of the Society is the education of youth and the missions. Accordingly, the Salesians run youth centers, conduct boarding homes and hostels, organize trade and agricultural schools, parishes and missions, besides printing and publications.

The parish of Pezzonipeta was entrusted to their care in 1980. In 1984 a pre-novitiate Formation House was established at Carmelnagar, Vijayawada anda High School was started at Guntupalli in 1985. In 1986 the Salesians were also entrusted with the St. Paul’s Regional Seminary at Nuzvid which offers a one year Propaedeutic Spiritual Orientation Course to diocesan seminarians prior to their studies at the major seminary.

Houses in the diocese : 04
Members in the diocese : 12
Priests : 10

Superior General : Rev. Fr. Juan Edmundo Vecchi SDB
Direzione Generate
Opere Don Bosco
Via della Pisana 1111, C.P. 18.333
00163 Rome, ITALY.
Tel : 0039/6/65 61 25 56

Provincial : Rev. Fr. Medabalimi Balaswamy SDB
Don Bosco Provincial House
Bosconagar, Kismatpur P.O.
Hyderbad-500 030
Tel : (040) 401 70 76, Fax : (040) 401 66 16

1. Don Bosco, Gunadala (1994)

Don Bosco Gunadala, the Aspirantate and Pre-Novitiate of the Province of St Joseph, Hyderabad, is strategically situated on the banks of river Krishna, Vijayawada. It is well connected by the both road ways and railways. This institution was started with the purpose of forming candidates from the state of A.P, aspiring for the Salesian way of Life. This was started in 1981, with two great people Fr. Medabalimi Balaswamy and Bro. Chinnabathuni Gregory as its pioneers. They based themselves at Mangalagiri and were ably guided by Fr. Thomas Thayil, the then Provincial of Bangalore. In 1982, Fr. John Lens and Fr. Mathew Emprayil transformed this into full-fledged house.

This house was canonically erected in 1983. On 24th August 1982, the foundation stone was blessed and on 24.8.1986 the newly constructed building was blessed and opened by Fr. Joseph Thekkedath, the then Provincial. In 1996-97, the High School students were stopped and we had only the intermediate and the ‘pre-novitiate’. To raise the standard of Telugu medium boys in English a separate year was set apart (PSSC) in 1996. A separate block for the college purpose was constructed and it was blessed and reopened on 30-01-2000 by Rev. Fr. Medabalimi Balaswamy, the then Provincial of Hyderabad. Due to various reasons the PSSC was shifted to Guntupally (2005) and was again brought back to Don Bosco Gunadala (2007) for better follow up of each candidate. On 20.11.2006 the house celebrated its long awaited “SILVER JUBLEE” of its presence. On 19.06.2008 the first aspirant from the state of Orissa arrived in the community this marks a historical day for the province that is venturing into the state of Orissa.
Members in the House : 06
Rector : Fr Chinnabathini Louis SDB
Address : Don Bosco, Carmelnagar
Vijayawada – 520 005
Tel : (0866) 254 03 86

2. Assumption Church, Pezzonipeta

Members in the House : 03
Rector : Fr. Muthalakuzhiyil Sebastian
Address : Assumption Church
Vijayawada – 520 003
Tel : (0866) 257 99 16

3. St. Paul’ Regional Seminary, Nuzvid

Members in the House : 02
Rector : Fr. Vatti Rayappa Reddy Sdb
Address : St. Paul’s Regional Seminary
Nuzvid – 521 201
Krishna Dt.,
Tel : (08655) 23 26 09

4. Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, Poornandampet

Members in the House : 01
Rector : Fr. Khosy Thomas
Address : Navajeevan Bala Bhavan
Vijayawada – 520 003
Tel : (0866) 257 42 72
5. Don Bosco, Guntupally

Members in the House : 03
Rector : Fr.
Address : Don Bosco High School
Vijayawada – 521 241
Tel : (0866) 288 24 63, 288 22 63


The society of St. Paul is a religious congregation which was founded in 1914 at Alba, in Italy, province of Cuneo, by Fr. Giacomo Alberione. Its members are known as the Paulines. Faithful to the mission assigned to them by their founder, they communicate the Christian message with the use of all means that technology put at the disposition of modern man. They are present in 32 countries around the world. They are active in many fields: editorial, journalism, cinema, television, radio, audio-visual, multimedia, book centres, and centres of studies, research, formation and animation.
The first Paulines came to India in 1935, and gradually established themselves in Allahabad; and at present they have 14 communities in different parts of India with its Provincial House at Bandra, Mumbai. The community at Vijayawada was blessed on 30-06-1997. At present the community has 3 books centres: Vijayawada, Eluru and Guntur.

Member in the Diocese : 06
Aspirants : 20
Houses in the Diocese : 01
Superior General : Rev. Pietro Campus SSP.
Via Della Fanella 39
00148 Roma
Phone : 657 2927, Fax : 657 23 26

Provincial : Rev. Fr. Anselm Poovathanikunnel SSP
Society of St. Paul
23rdRoad, Bandra
Mumbai – 400 050
Tel: (022) 26 41 6 467; 098672 63199
Fax : (022) 26 45 44 25

1. Society of St. Paul, Enikepadu

Members in the House : 06
Rector : Fr. Joseph Thulumpenmakel
Address : Society of St. Paul
Door No. 4/119/3
Enikepadu P.O.,
Vijayawada 5201 108
Tel : (0866) 284 29 00, 284 15 12


Vincentian Congregation was founded by Rev. Fr. Varkey Kattarath on 20 November, 1904 at Thottakam, Kerala. Since the congregation draws its sprit and distinctive character from the life, works and rules of St. Vincent De Paul, it is called the Vincentian Congregation and St. Vincent De Paul is chosen as the Father and Patron of the Congregation. The aim of the Vincentian Congregation is to imitate Jesus who is the evangelizer of the poor as St. Vincent De Paul did.

The mission work in Andhra Pradesh began in 1978 at Bhimadole in the Diocese of Eluru was extended to other diocese of Rayalseema area in 1988. The Parish of Edara was entrusted to their care in 1999.The mission work in A.P was organized under a Mission Superior 1998 and was declared a dependent Region under Marymatha Province on 6 January 2006 and the Region was named Good Shepherd Region. In 2006 the Regional house was established at Chinna Avutapally in the diocese of Vijayawada.

Houses in the diocese : 02
Members in the diocese : 04

Superior General : Rev. Fr. Varghese Parappuram VC
Vincentian Generalate
De Paul Nagar, P.B. No. 2250
Edappally, Kochi – 682 024
Kerala, India
Tel : (0484) 254 05 03, 255 50 72

Provincial Superior : Rev. Fr. Paul Puthuva VC
Marymatha Provincial House
P.B. No. 1, Angamaly south -683 573
Kerala, India
Tel : (0484) 245 23 36, 245 78 90

Regional Superior : Rev. Fr. Francis Naduviledath VC
Good Shepherd Regional House
Vincentian Ashram
Chinna Avutapally – 521 286
Krishana Dt., A.P.
Tel : (08676) 20 24 07, 94906 59196

1. Vincentian Ashram, Chinna Avutapally

Members in the House : 02
Superior : Fr. Francis Naduviledath VC
Address : Vincentian Ashram
Chinna Avutapally
Krishna Dt., A.P.
Tel : (08676) 20 24 07

2. Navajeevan Home, Edara

Members in the House : 02
Director : Fr. George Njavally VC
Parish Priest : Fr. Antony Padinjarekumbalath VC
Address : Navajeevan Home
Edara, Agirippalli Mandal- 521 211
Krishna Dt., A.P.
Tel : 08656- 22 62 72



The Institute of the Brothers of St. Joseph is a diocesan secular institute founded by Bishop Ambrose De Battista in 1955 and was canonically erected in 1973. The aim of the Institute is to assist the missionaries in the field. They were running the St. Joseph’s I.T.I. & Charitable workshop at Gunadala. Now they are working in different diocesan institutions, but all of them reside at their House in Gunadala.

Brothers : 02

Superior General : Most Rev. Prakash Mallavarapu D.D.
Bishop of Vijayawada
Bishop’s House, Vijayawada – 520 008
Tel : (0866) 471355, 471093, 484647 (per)
Fax : (0866) 484648, (Office) 475955.

Director : Rev. Fr. Joseph Pataram
Gunadala, Vijayawada
Mobile: 98661 76770

Superior : Rev. Bro. George Kunnel BSJ
Brothers of St. Joseph
Bishop’s House
59 A 1-7, Ring Road
Gunadala, Vijayawada – 520 008

1. Bro. George Kunnel BSJ, Brothers of St. Joseph,
Bishop’s House, 59 A 1-7, Ring Road, Gunadala, Vijayawada – 520 004.

2. Bro. Joseph Parathazhath BSJ, Brothers of St. Joseph,
Vianney Home, Gunadala, Vijayawada – 520 004

Brothers of the Christian Schools (F.S.C)

The Institute was founded by St. John Baptist de La Salle in 1680 at Rheims, France. It was established for the Christian education and instruction of youth, especially the poor. The Brothers conduct all kinds of educational establishments, from teachers’ training colleges and Universities to catechetical centers, Boys ‘Towns, Boys’ Villages, technical and agricultural schools for the under-privileged. There are altogether 8000 Brothers working in 89 countries. They began their work in the diocese at Keesara with BJT Junior College.

Members in the diocese : 07
Houses in the diocese : 01

Superior General : Bro. Alvaro Rodriguiz FSC
Via Aurelia, 476
CP 9099 (Aurelia)
00100 ROMA Italia
Phone: 0039/6 662 15 91, 662 15 94, 663 02 16
Fax : 0039/6/663 88 21

Provincial : Bro. Arokiadoss FSC
St. Benildus House, Boys’ Town
Elis Nagar, Pulluthu (Post)
MADURAI – 625 010
Phone: (0452) 87 52 42
Fax: (0452) 87 52 42

1. La Salle Jeevan Shravanth, Keesara

Members in the House : 07
Superior : Bro. M. Gerald FSC
Address : La Salle Jeevan Shravanth
BJT Junior College
Gandepalli Post
Keesara – 521 431
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (08678) 28 84 60, 28 84 61


The Congregation of the Missionary Brothers of St. Francis of Assisi was founded in India by Very Rev. Bro. Pauls Moritz of Germany. It was canonically erected on 21st February, 1901 by Bishop Crocheet at Nagpur and was approved by propaganda Fide on 8th January, 1921. The Congregation was also aggregated to the Third Order Regular in Rome on 26th May, 1906. The charism of the Congregation is to be missionary. Nevertheless to realize this missionary aspect in perfection, they undertake charitable works like orphanages, schools dispensaries and other activities which help their apostolate in the work of evangelization. The congregation opened its first house at Chillakallu and later closed it down. Again in 1998, they began a Technical Training Institute for school drop-outs at Gunadala.

Members in the diocese : 03
Houses in the diocese : 01

Superior General : Rev. Bro. Jose Valliara
St. Francis Monastery
P.B. No. 8470, Mount Poinsur
Borivili West. MUMBAI – 400 103
Office Tel : (022) 895 29 97
Personal Tel : (022) 293 06 24
Fax : (022) 893 71 25

Provincial : Rev. Bro. Samuel
Franciscan brothers
Seva Sadan Institute
Post Box No: 3417. Koramandal
Bangalore – 34

1. Franciscan Missionary Brothers, Gunadala

It was during the tenure of Bro. Mathew P.D. as provincial that the Gunadala was located through the instrumentality of Bro. S. Victor General. There was an old industrial training institute (non-formal), formerly managed by the “Brothers of St. Joseph”, a Diocesan congregation, which was closed down for various reasons. Though negotiations were on during the tenure of Bro. Mathew with the then bishop of the Diocese, Dr. M. Joji, the agreements were signed only during the tenure of Bro. Britto Vanpuzha. Thus the new centre (part of the old institution run by the Brothers of St. Joseph, now in the hands of Franciscan Missionary Brothers) was blessed by Dr. M.Joji and inaugurated by provincial, Britto Vanpuzha, in the year 1998 on 29th November, in the presence of a large number of Brothers, religious, priests and well-wishers.

Thus on 1st September 1999, the first batch of students began their classes. There were 12 students for sheet metal fabrication/ welding trade and 6 for woodwork technology. All the students were boarders with free board and lodge. A few local workers were also recruited to help in the workshops.

Members in the House : 03
Superior : Bro. Vincent Ferrer
Address : Franciscan Missionary Brothers
St. Joseph Technical Training Institute
Vijayawada – 520 004
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (0866) 254 52 22


The Missionary Brothers of Charity was founded in 1963 by Mother Teresa to work among the poor and the abandoned in slums, villages and on the streets. They run mobile leprosy and general clinics, home for the mentally retarded & handicapped, teach poor children who do not attend schools, contact urchins, conduct youth centers and adult education centers in slums and villages. Their aim is to be poor among the poor following the example of Christ in His Incarnation. The brothers started their house in this diocese in 1979 at Nunna. This is the headquarters and novitiate for the Southern Region. They also opened another home Gunadala, Maria Prem Nivas, for the street children in 1992.

Brothers in the Diocese : 12
Houses in the Diocese : 01
Superior General : Rev. Bro. Geoff Brown MC
Missionaries of Charity
7 Mansatala Row, Kidderpore
Kolkata – 700 023
West Bengal
Tel : (033) 449 70 80

Regional Superior : Rev. Bro. David Robert MC
Nuthan Jeevan Bhavan
NUNNA – 521 212
Tel : (0866) 285 22 53

1. Nuthan Jeevan Bhavan, Nunna (1979)

Missionaries of Charity brothers’ main apostolate is to care for the mentally and physically handicapped children and adult if they are orphan, destitute and abandoned. They take care of all the children who are found in the street, railway station, bust stand or anywhere in need of care. There are 80 beds facility to accommodate the most deserving cases. MC Brothers totally depend on Divine Providence for their means of support which comes in and through the people of good will in cash and kind. They charge not for the service rendered. Besides these, they also visit villages to seek and find the needy for food, medicines, clothe, houses and above all human care and love.

No. of members in the House: 13
Superior : Bro. Rosan M.C
Address : Nuthan Jeevan Bhavan
Missionaries of Charity
Nunna – 521 212
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (0866) 285 22 53


The Institute of the Brothers of St. Gabriel was founded by St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort at Saint – Laurent-Sur-Sevre, France in 1705. Together with the Montfort Fathers, they formed a single Congregarion till 1841 when they changed their name to Brothers of St. Gabriel and elected their own Superior General from among themselves. The Brothers first came to India in 1903. Their work consists in teaching in schools, technical schools, colleges, schools for the handicapped, instructing the blind and deaf, running orphanages, and also catechetical work. The Brothers founded their first house in the diocese at Gannavaram in 1969. Later, they started the NSM Public School in Patamata and St. Thomas Schools & College at Nuzvid.

House in the diocese : 03
Members in the diocese : 17
Novices :

Superior General : Rev. Bro. Jean Friant
San Gabriele
Via Trionfale 12840, 00135 ROMA
Grams : SANGABRIELE 00135 Roma
Phone : (00396) 30 35 90 01 & 30 36 50 49
Fax : (00396) 30 35 90 56

Provincial Superior : Bro. Thomas Reddy
Montfort Bhavan
11-6-862, Red Hills
Hyderabad – 500 004
Tel : (040) 339 97 44 (P.P)
Resi : (040) 339 36 64, Fax : (040) 332 28 72

1. Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, Gannavaram

House in the diocese : 03
No. of members in the House : 05
Superior : Br. Jaico Gervasis
Addresses : St. John’s High School
GANNAVARAM – 521 101
Krishna Dt.
Tel (S) : (08676) 251 23 79
Residence : (08676) 251 22 59
Hostel : (08676) 251 25 97

2. Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, Vijayawada

House in the diocese : 03
No. of members in the House : 08
Superior : Br. Lambert
Address : St. Mathew’s Public School (NSM),
VIJAYAWADA – 520 006
Tel (S) : (0866) 247 65 19
Residence : (0866) 247 65 05

3. Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, Nuzvid

Houses in the diocese : 03
No. of members in the House : 04
Superior : Bro. George
Address : St. Thomas High School
Nuzvid – 521 201
Krishna Dt.
Tel (S) : (08656) 23 23 70
Residence : (08656) 23 22 93