Patron : Holy Cross

Parish priest : Rev. Fr. Gunturu Don Bosco
Address : Parish Priest
Catholic Church
KAIKALURU, Krishna Dt. – 521 333

Telephone No : 08677- 22 23 08
Catholics : 3452
Chapel : 13
Prayer Huts : 01
Catechists : 13
Substations : 15

➢ St. Sebastian’s Orphanage for Boys
➢ Urusline Convent, Atapaka
➢ Holy Cross English Medium School, Atapaka
➢ Holy Cross Tailoring Centre, Atapaka
➢ Holy Cross Health Education Centre, Atapaka


Kaikaluru (1952), a mandal headquarters, was part of Bhyravapatnam parish for long. Fr. Joseph Ezharath acquired the present plot of land for the chapel. Fr. Merugumala Chinnappa laid foundation for the chapel in 1985.Fr. Bezwada Samuel John built the shopping complex in 1986. Fr.Sebastian Kottor built the compound wall and completed the chapel in 1987. On 03.05.1998, the chapel was blessed by late Bishop Joseph Thumma. In the year 1991 presbytery and kitchen were constructed and six cents of land was bought beyond the canal and built a mission house for catechists. Due to the importance of Kaikaluru as a growing town and consequently the increase of catholic population in and around, Kaikaluru was erected as a separated parish on 16th April, 1992 by late Bishop, Joseph Thumma. Fr. Sebastian Kottoor was transferred to Kaikaluru as its first parish priest. He took charge of the parish on 03.05.1992. Soon he remodeled the chapel in to a parish church and was re-dedicated to Holy Cross. The presbytery was also blessed on 14.09.1992 by Bishop Joseph Thumma. Holy Cross tower and St. Sebastian’s Orphanage were built in the year 1993. In the year 1996 one acre and twenty-five cents (A.1.25) of land was acquired at Atapaka for Convent and school. Convent building was planned and constructed in the year 1997-1998. On 26-06-1998. On 26-06-1998 Urusline Sisters of Mary Immaculate from Canonnor Kerala opened the convent there. On 20.07.1998 convent was blessed be Bishop Marampudi Joji and Holy Cross English Medium School building was planned and constructed in the year 1998-1999. New School building was blessed by Bishop Marampudi Joji on 07.07.1999. In 2005 New Church was built by Fr. Kottor Sebastine and was blessed by Bishop Prakash Mallavarapu. And in 2006 School Extension block was built by Fr. G. Michael and was blessed by Bishop Prakash Mallavarapu.

Substations: 15
Achavaram (1934), Bhujabalapatnam (1960), Chinnaramavaram, Chintalacheruvu (1951), Chintalamorru (1967), Gangulavanigunta, Gonepadu (1959), Gopavaram (1953), Ramavaram (1966), Seethanapalli (1972), Varahapatnam (1952), Vinjaram Lock (1995), Rachipatnam, Pallivada, Gummalapalam.

Former Parish Priests:
Fr. Sebastian Kottoor (May 1992 – May 2005)
Fr. Michael Guzzula (May 2005 – May 2012)
Fr. Daniel Thirividhi (May 2012 –