Charitable Institutions

1. Asha Kiran Boarding, Chillakallu
2. Assisi Karuna Bhavan, Theresanagar
3. Christ the King Orphanage, Keesara
4. Gogineni Hostel (Loyola), Vijayawada
5. Imelda working Girl’s Hostel, Gunadala
6. Joy Nivas, Chillakallu
7. J. M. J. Junior College Hostel, Appanaveedu
8. Little Flower School Hostel, Mylavaram
9. Madonna Hostel for the Deaf, Carmel Nagar
10. Maria Nivas Hostel, Siluvagiri
11. Maris Stella College Hostel, Vijayawada
12. New Hostel, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada
13. San Jose Hostel, Gampalagudem
14. St. Ann’s Hostel for Girls, Nuzvid
15. St. Ann’s School of Nursing, Vijayawada
16. St. Beneldus Hostel, Keesara
17. St. Peter Claver Hostel, Gannavaram
18. St. Louis De Gonzague, Gunadala
19. V. S. St. John’s S. H. S., Gannavaram
20. St. Theresa’s Hostel, Pamarru
21. Vijaya Rani, Kanchikacherla

1. Asha Nilaya Orphanage, Gollapudi
2. Cluny Boarding Home for Girls, Nagayalanka
3. Don Bosco Boys Boarding, Nandigama
4. Fr. Bianchi Orphanage & Boarding Home, Gudivada
5. Jyothi Orphanage, Jyothi Nagar, H. Junction
6. Mary Help of Christians Boarding Home, Korukollu
7. Sacred Heart Convent Boarding, Vijayawada
8. Savio Orphanage, Machilipatnam
9. St. Ann’s Boarding, Jaggayyapeta
10. St. Ann’s Hostel & Boarding, Nuzvid
11. St. Anthony’s Orphanage, Gollapudi
12. St. Anthony’s Boarding Home, Vijayawada
13. St. Francis Boarding, Machilipatnam
14. St. George’s Orphanage Boarding Home, Pedavutapalli
15. St. Joseph’s Boarding for Boys, Gunadala
16. St. Joseph’s Boarding for Girls, Gunadala
17. St. Joseph’s Children, Chanubanda
18. St. Joseph’s ITI Boarding, Gunadala
19. St. Joseph’s Orphanage for girls, Nandigama
20. St. Joseph’s Technical Training Institute, Gunadala
21. St. Theresa’s Boarding, Vissannapeta
20. Tharangani Matha Orphanage, Manginapudi
22. Vijaya Mary Boarding, Gunadala

1. All Saints Orphanage, Chatrai (1986)
2. All Saints Boarding Home, Chillakallu
3. St. Thomas Orphanage, Polukonda
4. Christ the King Orphanage, Keesara
5. Christ the King, Nagayalanka
6. De Mazenod Boarding, Ramanakkapeta
7. Fr. Bianchi Orphanage, Gudivada
8. Fr. Merlo Memorial, Jagannadhapuram
9. Holy Family Boarding, Avanigadda
10. Holy Family Orphanage, Uppaluru
11. Infant Jesus Orphanage, Arugolanu
12. Jyothi Orphanage
13. Little Flower Orphanage
14. Loyola Orphanage, Korukollu
15. Mary Help of Christians Parish, Mudinepalli
16. Mary Help of Christians Orphanage, Mylavaram
17. Needy Children’s Orphanage, Vennanapudi
18. Our Lady help of Christian Orphanage
19. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Vissannapeta
20. Parish Boarding, Kanchikacherla
21. R.C.M. Boarding Home, Nunna
22. R.C.M. Boarding Home, Telaprolu
23. Sacred Heart Orphanage, Challapalli
24. Sacred Heart Orphanage for boys, Jaggayyapeta
25. Sacred Heart Mission, Gampalagudem
26. Sahayamatha Hostel, Tiruvuru
27. St. Anthony’s Orphanage, Kesarapalli
28. St. Anthony’s Orphanage, Vatsavai
29. St. Eugene Orphanage, Ramanakkapeta
30. St. Francis Xavier Orphanage, Kambhampadu
31. St. John & Paul Orphanage, Kondapalli
32. St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Kalidindi
33. St. Joseph’s Parish Boarding, Nawabupeta
34. St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Nehrupeta
35. St. Joseph’s Boarding, Siluvagirinagar
36. St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Vuyyuru
37. St. Sebastian’s Orphanage, Bantumilli
38. St. Sebastian’s Orphanage, Kaikaluru
39. St. Thomas’ Boys Home, Nuzvid
40. Tharanganimatha Orphanage, Manginapudi
41. St. Ann’s Girls Hostel,
42. St. Thomas Boarding Home, Bantumilli
43. St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Keesara
44. Holy Cross Boarding Home, Kambhampadu
45. St. Vincent Pallotti Children Home, Konkepudi
47. Mary Help of Christians Hostel, Laxmipuram
48. Gnanamma Orphanage for Girls, Telaprolu
49. St. Joseph’s Orphanage for Girls, Nehrupeta
50. Holy Family Orphanage for Girls, Ramanakkapeta
51. Holy Cross Orphanage, Siluvagirinagar
52. Our Lady of Lourdu Orphanage, Bhyravapatnam
53. St. Anthony’s Orphanage, St. Peter’s Cathedral
54. Ursuline Orphanage, Kaikaluru
55. St. Joseph’s Orphanage for Girls, Kanchikacherla

Diocesan Boardings

Little Flower E. M. Hostel was started in the year 2005 by Most Rev. Prakash Mallavarapu to promote education to the poor especially the Catholic girls from interior villages of the Diocese. They were given free education in English medium and boarding from 4th Class to 10th Class. It is indeed a great boon for the hard working, talented and under privileged girls in the parishes.
No. of Students :
No. of wardens :
Staff :
Tutors :
Hostel in charge : Sr. Celine Madathiparampil
Assistant : Sr. Sunitha
Address : Little Flower E.M. Hostel for Girls
Pamarru – 521 157
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (08674) 25 33 35


Angel E. M. Boarding was started in the year 2005 by Most Rev. Prakash Mallavarapu to promote education to the poor especially the Catholic boys from interior villages of the Diocese. They were given free education in English medium and boarding from 4th Class to 10th Class. It is indeed a great boon for the hard working, talented and under privileged boys in the parishes.

No. of Students : 166
In charge : Fr.
Assistant : Fr.
Address : Angel E.M. Boarding for Boys
Nuzvid – 521 185
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (08656) 232 212


No. of Students : 267
In charge : Fr. Molugumati Prakash
Address : Don Bosco Boys Boarding
Nandigama- 521 201
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (08678) 27 94 98


Incharge : Fr. Inti Anthony
Warden :
Address : Fr. Joseph’s Orphanage
Gunadala, Vijayawada
Krishna Dt. – 520 04
Tel : (0866) 245 02 14


Fr. Bruno Venturin, PIME, [1935-1966] started a hostel when he was the parish priest of Machilipatnam Parish for the catholic poor children of this parish in the year 1941. It was started in the present Holy Cross Church Campus with a few children from the surrounding villages of the parish. The present boarding campus did not existing those days. After some years, it was closed down.

During the tenure of Most Rev. Thumma Joseph [1970-1997], a man of vision and foresight, the idea of having a hostel for the boys came up again. With the active support of the Bishop, Fr. Mathew Kalpakacherry bought the present spacious campus land with the idea of having St. Francis Educational Institutions. So on 02.02.1978 the Bishop laid foundation stone in the present campus. A small shed with asbestos cement sheets was built. It was blessed by the Bishop and was inaugurated by Sri A.V.S. Reddy, the District Collector. High school level boys from the surrounding villages and parishes were admitted into the hostel. At the time of opening of the hostel, the English Medium High School did not exist. The children attended the Telugu Medium High School. In course of time many children were admitted into the boarding and it was well known in the area.

Gradually the number of children seeking admission into the boarding grew very high and the need for a more spacious and well-furnished hostel was severely felt. Providentially, Fr. Gorantla Johness, future bishop of Kurnool, returned to the diocese after his studies in Rome. He was appointed as Deputy General Manager of RCM Schools in Krishna District and the Manager of the Boarding. Encouraged by Bishop Thumma Joseph, he built the present two-storied boarding home. It was inaugurated by the Bishop on 27.06.1991. Later on a separate wing, sponsored by Social Service Centre, Vijayawada was added by Fr. Mandadi Prasad, to serve as dining hall and Kitchen. It was blessed by Most Rev. Mallavarapu Prakash, and inaugurated by Smt. Nallagatla Sudha Rani, Chairperson, Zillah Paris had, Krishna Dt. on 16th September 2002. Boys from all kinds of social background are admitted into the boarding even though preference is always given to Catholic children. During those years when the demand for admission was very high, an entrance test was conducted to admit the children. Only the selected children were taken into the hostel. Now the demand for admission is not as heavy as in former days. The reason is that nowadays the Government started high schools in many places within the reach of the children. They need not come all the way from their native villages to Machilipatnam to study in the High School. The average number of boys in the hostel is now 150.

Incharge : Fr. G. Michael
Warden : Fr.
Address : St. Francis Boarding
Machilipatnam – 521 002
Krishna Dt.
Tel : (08672) 25 01 81