Bishop’s Message


                               GOT TO PRAY A LOT

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with grace and peace. Christmas has opened the doors of this New Year challenging us, like Jesus our Saviour, if we too are prepared to share in some way in the poverty, the suffering, the insecurity and the shame of our people. I have noted with great pleasure that how every one of our personnel, Priests, Religious and Catechists was involved in preparing our people for this greatest feast. You must have noted that that we must not only be for but also be with our people. Only then we will have a personal experience of Immanuel, God with-us.

The country is facing a lot of disturbances. The ongoing controversy and demonstrations and counter demonstrations concerning the Citizenship Act is a cause of great anxiety for all of us and it could harm the country. There is a danger that there could be a polarization of our peoples along religious lines, which is very harmful for the country. Religion should never be the criterion for citizenship of a country. Nor is violence a solution when there is a difference of opinion. It is necessary that the Government dialogues with those opposing the Act, and come to an agreement about the way forward with justice equity and fairness.

We need, therefore, to pray for our country as well as our State in particular, with this idea of shifting the Secretariat and the Judiciary to two other different cities. Everyone is very sceptic about the outcome and the demonstrations though in small numbers are also going on. So we have enough material for our prayer to storm heavens.

May 2020 bring all of us showers of blessings, joy and zeal for Christ and his Gospel.

                                                                                                                     Yours Truly,

+ Thelagathoti J. Raja Rao, S.M.M.
Bishop of Vijayawada