Patron : The Sacred Heart
Parish Priest : Fr. Inna Babu Polamarasetty, (ofm cap)
Address : Avutapalli,
Krishna Dt. – 521 286

Telephone No : (08676) 25 92 48

Catholics : 4481
Chapels : 09
Catechists : 02
Substations : 11
Parish Schools : 01
Teachers : 03

Institutions :
➢ Sacred Heart Convent (Catechist Sisters of St. Ann)
➢ St. George’s High School and Boarding for Girls
➢ Assisi Bhavan Convent (Sisiters of Fransiscan Clarist)
➢ Assisi Renewal Centre
➢ Shanthi Bhavan (St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged)
➢ Vincentian Ashram (Vincentian Congregation)
➢ Clara Sadan (Clarist Franciscan Missionaries of Most Blessed Sacrament)


Avutapalli is one of the most ancient villages of Vijayawada mission Fr. Santambrogio PIME administered the first baptisms here in 1905. Frs. Saporti PIME and Ghiddoni PIME evangelized some of the villages around Avutapalli in 1907. Msgr .H. Pezzoni, Vicar General of Hyderabad, who was residing at Vijayawada, built the old Parish Church dedicated to the Sacred Heart which was blessed on 23 Nov, 1916 by Bishop Vismara.

Fr. S. Pasquali PIME of holy memory is known to have resided here between 1915 and 1917 and Fr. Bandanadam Marianna around 1925. When Avutapalli became a “parish” Fr. J. B. Calderaro PIME referred to Fr. Anthony Lanza PIME, his immediate predecessor, as the first Parish Priest of this parish. Fr. Calderaro himself was Parish Priest for over four decades (1928-1969) and his name is synonymous with Avutapalli. A man of extraordinary qualities, in addition to extensive missionary work in area, he started a Home for the aged in 1949 at the request of Br. Joseph Thambi a Convent of the Catechist Sisters of St. Ann, a School and a dispensary. Even if some of his constructions have since been replaced, the parish of Avutapalli and its filiations are still firmly based on his apostolic work and spirit. From 1936 to 1959 he was almost uninterruptedly helped by his faithful assistant, Fr. A. Rasi PIME.

The parishes of Nuzvid (153), Kesarapalli (1961), and Telaprolu (1965) are direct filiations of Avutapalli and some of its villages went to make up the parishes of Uppaluru (1923), and Vatlur (1936). In 1968, the capuchins (Coimbatore Province) accepted the invitation of Bishop Ambrose De Battista to work in the diocese and were offered the parish of Avutapalli. The first of them Fr. Avito OFM CAP, arrived on 05 September of the same year. Perhaps it was Br. Thambi who was pointing out the way.

Br. Joseph Thambi, said to be a Franciscan of the Third Order, made his home at Avutapalli in 1939 and was instrumental in bringing many families to the Catholic Faith including several Hindus caste. He was a legend in his life time. His simplicity and piety was so outstanding that he attracted much attention. He is said to have possessed the power of healing and the extraordinary gifts of bi-location and the stigmata. Since his death in 1945, his veneration has been growing and thousands come to pray at his tomb so that Avutapalli has become a major pilgrim centre for Andhra. The cause of his beatification has been introduced.

Over the past twenty years, the Capuchins have not only developed the parish but have also used it as a launching pad for their ministry in Andhra. At Avutapalli they have renewed the structures in the parish: a new Home for the Aged was built by Fr. Mathew Manakkat in 1979; the catechist Sisters and their institutions were shifted to a new spacious location and a new Convent, School and Boarding Home was built in 1983; the new Parish Church built by Fr. Adolf was solemnly blessed by Bishop Joseph Thumma on 14 Jan 1986.

Substations: 11

Apparaopeta (1970), Atkuru Mlp. (1912), Atkuru Mdg. (1936), Atkuru Kamma (1977), Chinna Avutapalli (1925), Mettilapalli (1953), Pottipadu Mlp. (1956), Pottipadu Mdg. (1963), Thotaguntapadu (1941), Veerapanenigudem (1951).

Former Parish Priests:

Fr. Anthony Lanza PIME ( 1925 – 1928)
Fr. J. B. Giovanni Calderaro PIME ( 1928 – 1969)
Fr. Avito OFM Cap (Apr 1969 -Jun 1973)
Fr. Cuthbert OFM Cap (Jul 1973 – Jun 1974)
Fr. Zacharia Puthur OFM Cap (Jul 1974 – Nov 1975)
Fr. Mathew Mannakat OFM Cap (Nov 1975 – Mar 1981)
Fr. Amaldass Chemplany OFM Cap (Mar 1981 -Oct 1981)
Fr. Aolf kannadipara OFM Cap (Nov 1981 -Feb 1986)
Fr. Thomas Ambattukuzhy OFM Cap (Feb 1986 -Nov 1986)
Fr. Chemplany Cherian OFM Cap (Nov 1986 -June 1993)
Fr. Kadukanmakal JohnsonOFM Cap (June 1993 -July 1996)
Fr. Manakkatt Mathew OFM Cap (July 1996 –
Fr. Madanu Dominic OFM Cap (
Fr. Cherian Chemplany, OFM Cap (

Fr. Inna Babu Polamarasetty, OFM Cap