Patron : St. Peter the Apostle
Parish priest : Rev. Fr. Muvvala Prasad (VG)
Asst. pp :

Address : Parish Priest & Vicar Forane
St. Peter’s Cathedral
PJN Road, Tarapet
VIJAYAWADA – 520 001

Tel : (0866)256 37 41 / 256 22 99

Established: (1896)
Catholics : 6000
Chapels : 05
Catechists : 07
Substations : 06

Sacred heart convent (Sisters of St. Ann of providence)
Atkinson High School and Boarding Home for girls
St. Anthony’s Convent (Sisters of St. Ann of providence)
St. Anthony’s RCM High School and Boarding Home for girls


In the middle of the nineteenth century, Bezwada (Vijayawada) was considered, “village of no importance” with a small Christian population of sepoys. These were assisted by the Theatine Fathers residing at Masulipatnam and Vizag. Bezwada grew in importance when an amicus was build across the river Krishna between 1852 and 1855. Vijayawada was linked to Hyderabad; it became the nerve centre of Andhra. A large number of railway employees and workers settled down here and among them there were many Catholic “Anglo-Indian families. While the Protestants had already settled down in Bezwada by 1847, our PIME Missionaries were only visiting it twice a year until 1880s. Fr. J. Piatti seems to have been the first priest to reside at Bezwada. Fr. P.Carlino built a chapel and a priest’s residence near the old municipal office. Bezwada became a parish in 1896 under Fr. Civati Marco. He opened the convent of the Sisters of St. Anne of Turin in 1899. St.Peter’s Church, which became a Cathedral in 1937, was begun by Fr.J.B.Ghidoni in 1906 and was blessed in 1908, but was completed several years later, it was extended by Fr. Paolo Ariati PIME in 1937. In course of time, Avutapalli, Uppaluru, Kondapalli, Pezzonipeta, Jakkamudi and Gollapudi were bifurcated from this parish. It was passed to the rank of Co-Cathedral in 1976 with the consecration of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Patamata. But again in 1997, Bishop Marampudi Joji has raised it to the rank of a Cathedral. The renovation work of the cathedral was taken up by Fr. Mallavalli Balaswami in 1997 and was completed by Fr. Thanam Marreddy in 1998. The renovated Cathedral was rededicated by the Bishops of Andhra on 20th October, 1988.

Substation: 06
Bhimanivaripet, Tannerpet (1944), Taylorpet (1937), Wyncipet, K.L. Rao Nagar, Mallikarjunapet.

Former Priests in-charge/parish priests:

Fr. J. Giovanni Piatti PIME (1884-1895)
Fr. Marco Civati PIME (1896-1899)
Fr. J.B. Ghidoni PIME (1899-1910)
Fr. H. Pezzoni PIME (1910-1920)
Fr. Umberto Colli PIME (1920-1924)
Fr. H. Pezzoni PIME (1924-1928)
Fr. D. Grassi PIME (1928-1933)
Fr. Geremia Arosio PIME (1933-1934)
Fr. Mario Dall’Agnol PIME (1934-1937)
Fr. Paolo Arlati PIME (1937-1949)
Fr. Augusto Zanini PIME (1949-1951)
Fr. Paolo Arlati PIME (1951-1953)
Fr. Gabriele Arosio PIME (1953-1957)
Fr. Luigi Misani PIME (1957-1961)
Fr. G. Aosio PIME (1961-1963)
Fr. George Kudilingal (1963-1971)
Fr. Yadala Balaswami-Acting PP (1971 – April 1972)
Fr. D. Vivenzi PIME (April 1972 – March 1979)
Fr. Picascia PIME (March 1979 – April 1984)
Fr. P. Francis Sales (April 1984 – June 1991)
Fr. Junjunuri John Raju (June 1991 – May 1992)
Fr. Mallavalli Balaswami (May 1992 – April 1988)
Fr. Thanam Marreddy (Apri 1998 – July 2004)
Fr. Merugumala Chinnappa (Aug 2004 – May 2009)
Fr. Lamu Jayaraju (May 2009 – Oct 2016)

Fr. Muvvala Prasad (Nov 2016 –