The Lamp lighting and Pledge taking Ceremony at St. Ann’s College of Nursing, Vijayawada

The Lamp-lighting and Pledge taking ceremony, that marks the solemn entry into the Nursing Profession, with passion and commitment, was held on Tuesday, 5 March 2019. On that day, the 65th batch of General Nursing and 16th batch of B. Sc. Nursing students, a total of 93, with lighted candles in their hands, committed their lives to the practice of Nursing profession, solemnly promising to live their lives in purity and to practice the profession faithfully, during the Holy Eucharistic celebration. His Excellency, Most Rev. Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao, SMM, Bishop of Vijayawada, presided over the Eucharistic celebration concelebrated by Fr. Maria Sagar and Fr. Ravikanth. His Excellency, in his homily, exhorted the young maidens to be ‘gentle’ in all their dealings and interactions with the patients whom they nurse and who are under their care. He explained and emphasized how simple acts of kindness and compassion, with love and gentleness, can hasten the recovery of their patients. He also cited a few of his experiences with the nurses in various occasions to drive home the message categorically.

Sr.Thumma Roja Pushpa, SAL, the Provincial Superior, lighted their candles and His Excellency said the prayer of blessing and sprinkled Holy Water on them, bringing down special blessings of God upon them. The presence of priests, religious, well-wishers and family members of the students gave the occasion a solemn and sacred ambiance. The parents and relatives of students belonging to other religions too, participated in the ceremony in a very prayerful disposition. The solemn ceremony was followed by colourful cultural presentation by the senior students, entertaining everyone.

– Sr.Florence, Principal, St.Ann’s College of Nursing,Vijayawada