Patron : St. Paul the Apostle

Parish Priest :Rev. Fr. Papi Reddy (VF)

Address : Parish Priest & Vicar Forane
St. Paul’s Cathedral
VIJAYAWADA – 520 008

Telephone No : (0866) 247 27 58

Catholics :
Chapels :
Substations : 06
Parish Schools : 01
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St. Paul's CathedralThe internuncio archbishop James Knox, during his visit to our Diocese in 1967, had advised Bishop De Battista to shift the Bishop’s House to a more suitable place. This is not so easy project and it was realized by Bishop Joseph Thumma in 1972 at Patamata, a locality in the newer part of the town. Patamata was separated from Christurajapuram, and promoted to the role of parish headquarters on 23 Feb 1973. Fr. Louis Pozzoli, then in his early sixties, was appointed its first parish priest. As ever generous and obliging, he built the presbytery and the Cathedral with the help of his great Benefactor, Don Dante Basilico. The late Br. Giani Davide, the diocesan architect, designed and supervised the constructions. The Cathedral dedicated to St. Paul, the Apostle was consecrated on 19 March 1976 by Bishop Joseph Thumma and was canonically recognized by the Congregation for the Evangelization of people on 24 March 1976. A parish Hall was constructed behind the Cathedral by Fr. M. Chinnapa in …….. The premises and sanctuary were renovated by Fr. P. Joachim in 1997 and new Stations of the Cross, presented blessed by Bishop Gorantla Johanness of Kurnool and Bishop Paul Maipan of Khammam on 14th December, 1998, on the occasion of the Sacerdotal Ordination Anniversary of Bishop Marampudi Joji. The new Presbytery (on 15th July, 2007) and Velankanimatha grotto (on 15th May, 2007) in front of the Cathedral were built by Fr. Polimetla Joachim and were blessed and inaugurated by Most. Rev. Dr. Prakash Mallavarapu.

Substations: 06
Krishana Nagar(1958), Mary Matha Colony, Pakeerugudem(1948), Yanamalakuduru(1926), Ambedkar Nagar, Israelpet.

Former Parish Priests:
Fr. Louis Pozzoli PIME (Mar 1973 – Mar 1977)
Fr. P Francis Sales (Mar 1977 – April 1984)
Fr.Mesapam Gabriel (April 1984 – Dec 1986)
Fr. Meruumala Chinnappa (Dec 1986 – Sep 1996)
Fr. Polimetla Joachim (Sep 1996 – April 1998)
Fr. Mallavalli Balaswamy (April 1998 – May 2005)
Fr. Polimetla Joachim (May 2005 – May 2009)
Fr. Pamiti John Stephen (May 2009 – Oct 2016)

Fr. Papi Reddy ( Nov 2016 –